How to create an impact as a software developer?

Software development is valuable. Unlike normal complex business processes, software scales, once a program is implemented, it can be ran repeatedly, scheduled at any time and the most important, without human errors.

With such great benefits, any tasks within a company should be automated if the amount of effort to automate is less than doing the task manually for the foreseeable future.

The problem is though, virtually everything needs to be automated.

So if everything within the company needs to be automated, then how would you do so efficiently as a developer?

Here are the four steps to take:

  1. Map out the whole workflow to have a full big picture of what is going on. By doing this, you will discover a lot of domain knowledge that you are not aware of previously.
  2. List out the major workflows, and rank them accordingly based on the effort saved if automated and inversely to the amount of automate effort.
  3. If the workflow is too complex, break down them to sub-workflows, and do step 2 again.
  4. Now you should have a long list of automation tasks, put them into Trello, and focus on nailing them one by one.

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