Ingterest (2013)

I was helping out my friend, Yang, voluntarily to create an initial prototype to raise funding back in 2013. Even though the app (released on github) did not materialize at the end, but it led him into future successful opportunities: working at Facebook then later founding a venture-backed startup in Beijing, which I am very happy about.

Ingterest – aggregation of the two words Ing (ChineseοΌšθ‹± meaning english) and Interest

The goal of the app is to create a portal for Chinese students to get into their top dream universities, based on our oversea experiences as foreign students in US and Australia.

I was playing the UX role within the project mainly, from product design, mobile user experience to graphic design.

The design interface concepts behind are very simple: joyful, fun and ease of use.

Different app icons

User Interface Design