Personal Bio

I work in tech and have a curiosity of things that I don’t know. Views are my own.

I am engineering at a startup in San Francisco. I’ve also previously worked at Uber, NICTA, IBM, Delivery Hero and a few other places. I graduated from the University of New South Wales with a double-degree in commerce and software engineering with a 1st.

I live and work in a couple of wonderful places such as the Silicon Valley, Sydney and Hong Kong. I’m a dual Australian / Hong Kong citizen who travelled much of the US, Asia and Oceania, and looking forward to visit the rest of the world.

The main principles and problem areas that I am working on are an aggregation of challenges of the following:

  • Creating and multiplying a great team
  • Generational paradigm shift that changes how people’s live
  • Building cutting edge large scale sustainable software
  • Analytical x Creativity  (left + right brain), qualitative and quantitative

Why 36625?

365 * 100 years + 100/4 leap days = 36625 days

I love getting to know people around the world. (Many of my best friends and even great loves are people who I met when they emailed to introduce themselves.)

Email me:  dan(at)danielho.org, check out my Linkedin.